Organic farm

St. Martin 30

EatQuality is an organic farm (organic operator No. 00DJ41.) in the Itri (LT) area. The story of San Martino 30 is the story of our family: The Addessi-Di Paola-Versaggi family, in this temporal order. The estate has always remained firmly in the family, loved and cared for with attention since time immemorial; in memory of Anna, the grandmother Chiara with her grandfather Pasquale knew each tree, each one had a name, to finally reach the grandfather Italo and the current owners who have allowed the transformation of the farm house into a peaceful place of relaxation and tranquility.


An Organic Resort

The organic agricultural society EATquality is the tool to continue to preserve this habitat and re-evaluate its use in terms of tourist accommodation. At the end of the start-up started in 2016, the PUA (Agronomic Utilization Plan) that we have just developed aims to create an oasis of biodiversity, the revaluation of native plants and natural cycles of olive production, Domes are perfectly suited for this purpose, favoring the maximum and best distribution of spaces and resources. The organic resort is 100% self-sufficient thanks to the production of electricity and the well of drinking water. We strongly believe in this model of agricultural income diversification that we will continue to promote in other geographical areas as well, to improve the tourist offer in our area.

carob tree eatquality

Our Territory

The enchanting beauty of nature combined with the peace of the places make it one of the most evocative places in the area.

The country house San Martino 30 is immersed in a beautiful olive grove and carob grove with centenary plants and is proud to produce its own ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL from the delicious olives that have grown fruit on the trees since time immemorial.

The trees are grown respecting the rhythms of nature and above all of the soil that gave rise to the ITRANA cultivar, a particular olive from which a very high quality organic extra virgin olive oil is obtained.

Organic Olive Oil

The unique biodiversity of our land(never treated with synthetic elements) enrich the taste and authenticity of our Evo. Rosemary, laurel, lentisk, oak, myrtle, hawthorn, medlar, strawberry tree, peraster just to name a few, are all elements that enhance the aromas and organoleptic characteristics of our organic EVO OIL.

Not only oil ..The carob tree

The carob (Ceratonia siliqua) is one of the typical trees of the maquis. The carob can be used to control erosion, conserve the soil and recover land, while providing forage with the production of carob pods. These have always been used in many ways: as forage for animals (especially horses), to produce alcoholic beverages by fermenting them, or even in the food industry to obtain thickeners (carob flour). Carobs can also be eaten as they are collected; in some cases they have been roasted and used as a coffee substitute. A peculiarity of the plant is that its seeds are very hard and, above all, all the same in shape and in particular in weight.

The peoples of the eastern basin of the Mediterranean knew this characteristic of the seeds and therefore used them as a unit of weight for gold and precious stones; in practice, on one side of the scales they placed gold or precious stones and on the other the seeds of keration (as the Greeks called it). This is why even today the custom has remained to indicate the weight of gold, diamonds or other precious stones in carats and not in grams. The wood, due to the slow growth of the plants, is mainly used as firewood and for crafts. A particular woody product is the heather log, with which the pipes are made. 

Inside the estate there are also countless native fruit plants (mulberries, black cherries, apricots, medlar, citrus fruits, pears, apple trees, pomegranates, figs, vineyards, just to name a few), high and low Mediterranean scrub (rosemary, laurel, strawberry tree, mastic, sage, thyme, lemongrass, prickly pear, myrtle; but also juniper, oak, holm oak as well as dozens of giant conifers.

Where to find us

San Martino 30 is located in Itri (LT), contrada Pagnano III Traversa, 6 .
The Country House is very close to the sea of Sperlonga, Gaeta, Formia and the Pontine Islands and 400 m from Itri train station, 4 km Gaeta and Fromia

You will have at your fingertips the beautiful Riviera of Ulysses that stretches from Sperlonga to San Felice Circeo including Terracina and Fondi where there are numerous remains of Roman civilization, the temple of Jupiter Anxur on the Rock of Terracina will give you complete views of the marine area below and the islands, and much more…

Come and visit us!